Mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings exposed to RF EMF

  • Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering: Maternal exposure to EMF in mothers with dental amalgam fillings may cause elevated levels of mercury and trigger an increase in autism rates.
  • Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering: Mercury released from dental amalgam fillings is significantly accelerated by exposure to cell phone RF-EMFs and MRI. The RF EMF resonates in the tiny spaces between teeth, producing “hot spots” with rapidly expanding gas bubbles that accelerate amalgam microleakage.
  • Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences: MRI and microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones significantly release mercury from dental amalgam restoration.
  • International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: Significant difference between urinary mercury in the exposed and control group, 72 hrs after MRI, illustrates the noxious effect of exposure to strong magnetic fields, and release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings.
  • Reviews on Environmental Health: Exposure to electromagnetic fields on the release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings indicates that pregnant women with dental amalgam fillings should limit their exposure to electromagnetic fields to prevent toxic effects of mercury in their fetuses.
  • Journal of Head and Neck Imaging: MRI is not completely safe for patients with amalgam restorations. The resulting EMF enhances diffusion of mercury into the body.
  • Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering: The mean concentration of mercury in the artificial saliva of Wi-Fi exposed teeth with amalgam fillings was was double the non-exposed control samples.